Over last two decades, we have completed the most acrylic projects in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

In recent few years, there are many unqualified acrylic and resin materials in the market, which increases the potential risk to the public. Therefore, Government has adopted more comprehensive evaluation on the materials during the approval process. Under this new evaluation system, we have got the most government approvals of Acrylic materials in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

Besides, we are now the only company which get Building Department's approval for outdoor application of acrylic panels such as pool, fountain, signage… etc. in Hong Kong.

Had many years of experience with the architects and interior designers, we understand that they always have the difficulties of achieving their creative designs due to the restriction of materials.

To this point, acrylic and resin material can provide much better flexibility in shape, pattern, color, translucency and size than any materials available in the market and can help the designers to make their dreams come true.

We have two main product series – R-Cast & dECOR.

R-Cast Acrylic material is widely used for structural application, especially in water retaining projects while dECOR Resin material is mainly used for interior design and decoration application.